Bagmati Pradesh loksewa Aayog syllabus 2079

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Bagmati Pradesh LokSewa Aayog Syllabus 4th Level

Bagmati Pradesh LokSewa Aayog 4th level syllabusSyllabus link
ANM (Health / Public Health Nursing) Download
Agriculture and Veterinary JTADownload
Lab Assistant (Health / Medical Lab Technology) Download
Kha.Pa.Sa.Te. (Engineering / Civil / Sanitary / KhaPaSaTe)Download
AMIN (Engineering / Survey) 4th Level SyllabusDownload
AHW (Health Service /Health Inspection Group) Download
Deputy Technical Assistant Agriculture (Agriculture / Fisheries Group) Download
Mahila Bikas Sahayak NirikshakDownload
Assistant Computer Operator Download
Deputy Technical Assitant Agriculture (Agriculture / Plant Science / Plant Protection, Agronomy, Horticulture, Agriculture Extention/ Soil Science and Agri Eco and Marketing) Download
Administration Service ( Admin Service, Accounting) Administration Assistant Download
(Engineering Service / Civil Group) Lab Assistant Download

Bagmati Pradesh LokSewa Aayog Syllabus 5th Level

Bagmati Pradesh LokSewa Aayog 5th level syllabusSyllabus link
Bagmati Pradesh civil Sub-Engineer  (Diploma level)Download
Bagmati Pradesh Health Assistant (HA)Download
Bagmati Pradesh Prasa (प्रा.स.)Download
Building and Architect (Sub Engineer-Civil) Download
Bagmati Pradesh Statistics AssistantDownload
Bagmati Pradesh Administration Assistant (General Administration / Accounting / Internal Auditing) Download
Bagmati Pradesh Veterinary / Livestock Assistant Download
Bagmati Pradesh Lab Technician (Engineering / Civil)Download
Bagmati Pradesh Lab Technician (Health Services / MLT / JMLT)Download
Bagmati Pradesh Staff Nurse Download
Pharmacy Assistant (Health Service / Pharmacy) Download
Deputy Technical Assistant (Agriculture / Plant Protection, Agronomy, Horticulture, Agriculture Extension, Soil Science and Agricultural Economics & Marketing) Download
Bagmati Pradesh Mechanical Engineering (Engineering Service / Mechanical / General Mechanical Supervisor)Download
Radiographer (Health Service / Radiography)Download
Medical Recorder Supervisor (Health Service / Medical Recorder) Download

Bagmati Pradesh LokSewa Aayog Syllabus 6th Level

Civil engineering Download
Education Service under Local Level, Education Administration Group, Officer Sixth Level, Education Officer Vacancy
Syllabus of Technical Examination

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